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Our FMCG products are widely recognized as premium products which equal or surpass the performance of other established high profile brands.

We manufacture consumer goods that provide a value price for the consumer and excellent margins for the B2B wholesaler with no intermediary agents to dilute profits.
As a British FMCG company, we take great care to research and develop only reliable, quality products that create high and consistent repeat sales and encourage brand loyalty.



A Consumer Goods Company That Cares

To manufacture and supply a diverse range of fast moving consumer goods that continually exceed expectations in quality, price and performance for the
global marketplace.

British quality premium consumer products that look after you and your family again and again. Please click on our environment page for further information regarding our policy of ethical sourcing and commitment to green and charitable social causes.


Experience and Commitment

For over two decades Multibrands has been researching and developing its own exciting range of FMCG (Fast moving consumer goods). Premium quality, everyday products which fulfil the consumers’ expectations.

Our brands are high-quality products, produced by some of the best factories in the world. Designed by the most passionate and professional designers. Truly unique in design and developed to fulfil each and every need of the consumer.

To provide consumers with desire and requirement is what drives Multibrands. With a wealth of market experience, each product is a value for money produced to the highest quality and is fully guaranteed.

The Environment

Our World Our Environment

The obligation to protect our beautiful and extraordinary planet and its many vulnerable ecosystems from the effects of globalisation is a collective responsibility.

Manufacturing Industries now have a greater environmental impact than ever before – with many companies embracing a new-found ethical commitment – changing process’s that would previously have been considered dangerous or irresponsible.

As a manufacturing company, we feel duty bound to help protect our increasingly fragile world from unnecessary damage – always ensuring the raw materials we use are sourced responsibly. We make sure we use modern production processes that follow ecologically sound principles that release as few contaminants as possible into a precious environment – keeping our world clean and safe now and for future generations to enjoy.

We Ensure All Our Factories Operate to ISO 14001 Environmental

Management Systems and that our consumer products all use recyclable paper and biodegradable plastics. Our logistics and transport systems now operate using only low emission vehicles – helping reduce air pollution.
By supporting local and regional community projects we hope we help toward creating a better and safer social environment for our own communities – making donations throughout the year to various charities that meet this expectation.
Quality Management
We are an ISO 9001:2008 registered company and take great pride in the quality practices of our business.
Our team is the driving force behind our company and our successful  development as an independent
manufacturer and supplier of fast moving consumer goods.
We have gained Investors in People to ensure they remain at the heart of our success.
With quality operations and a commitment to supporting quality people, we are able to collectively focus on customer service and the support of our quality products.
We extend this ethos to all our products with the knowledge that over the long term our brands will grow in strength because we instil high quality and value for money into every one of them.

Worldwide Distribution
Why FMCG Means Multibrands

The market share of the Multibrands product portfolio has grown rapidly with some of the brands now established as national brand leaders.

Great quality and performance allied with our ability as a retail marketing manufacturer to supply goods from source (avoiding excellent profit margins being divided amongst intermediary agents) are key factors in our success.

Multilingual export managers can provide a wide range of product marketing support for our B2B customers – including a free-delivery sample service.
This enables new and existing customers to appreciate the quality our brands offer first hand.

Single pack samples are available for end-user / consumer promotions. You can contact one of our sales managers for more information about the Multibrands product portfolio on +44 (0) 1274 307310 or send an e-mail with your contact details to  info@multibrands.eu.com and we’ll be in touch.


The Logistics and Distribution department is at the core of our business.

We aim to maintain and increase our proven record of efficient customer service through enhanced logistics structures and advanced distribution strategies.

With a well-established distribution network and the centre of our operations located in the heart of the UK, we can guarantee a fast and efficient distribution service worldwide. We promise to deliver on time and every time.
In order to monitor the distribution of our stock, we have implemented the latest in logistics software and programming.
This enterprise-wide system incorporates relevant details from all departments in the company, to provide comprehensive information on each order and shipment.


Sophisticated research and development techniques are employed to provide insight into these new markets – meeting all the legal requirements, stringent safety testing and certifications before we make available any new products to sell to the public.
We also ensure our current line of B2B products are regularly re-appraised for quality and improved on to deliver even better performance.
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As part of our new website design, we plan to keep you up to date with everything Multibrands.

In the Latest News you can expect to find any new product info or announcements, including promotions!
You’ll also get to find out about what we are doing as a company, and what events we are taking part in.
You can also use this section to find out a little bit more about the products and their history within Multibrands.

Throughout the year we make our way around the world for a range of exhibitions. Presenting ourselves to a wider B2B audience allows an opportunity to meet our customers and explain just how we can accommodate their FMCG brands demands – in a relaxed one to one environment. If you’ve plans to attend a product exhibition that you see listed then drop an e-mail to info@multibrands.eu.com and we’ll make sure we look out for you.


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