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NEW! Panodyne S-400 Fingertip Oximeter for monitoring Covid-19 patients

Panodyne Oximeter S-400 Multibrands

Multibrands is proud to introduce the CE-NB certified Panodyne S-400 Fingertip Pulse Oximeter for monitoring COVID-19 patients’ health data and other illnesses. The S-400 Oximeter is a pulse, blood oxygen and perfusion index monitor. It is fast, accurate, portable and features 8 hours of data recording.The CE Certified Panodyne S-400 Oximeter is the leading choice […]

NEW! Introducing the post-immunisation Panodyne Covid-19 Neutralising Antibody Test Kit

Panodyne Neutralising Antibody Test Kit Multibrands

With the vaccine roll-out well under way across the nation, Multibrands is proud to introduce the Panodyne COVID-19 Neutralising Antibody Test Kit for effective evaluation of the body’s immune response to the Covid-19 vaccine. Hence, this kit is recommended as a post-vaccine immunisation test to help assess the body’s immunity and effectiveness of the vaccine by […]

How does Covid-19 Antigen, Antibody and Nucleic acid detection work?

Panodyne Covid-19 Detection Science Image Multibrands

The COVID-19 is an RNA virus with acute respiratory tract infection. It is spherical in shape, with crowned spikes on the surface, ribonucleic acid strand (RNA) inside, and a shell composed of multiple proteins on the outside. At present, three technologies are mainly used to diagnose whether they are infected by the COVID-19, Nucleic Acid […]