Meet the Brands: Spark

Spark Logo Multibrands

Refillable and Childsafe We focus on creatively inspired products that excel in the high standards we bring to our customers by providing products that are stylish, trendy, versatile, reliable and safe. With a view to creating a stylish design for an electronic lighter, we have developed SPARK electronic with an attractive aerodynamically shaped body and […]

Meet the Brands: EasyLite

EasyLite Logo Multibrands

Safety First and Second. With a view to creating a stylish design of lighter, we have developed EASYLITE® with an attractive translucent body. Creatively inspired products are our focus. We excel in meeting the high standards our customers require by providing products that are stylish, trendy, versatile, reliable and safe. EASYLITE® is available in a […]

Meet the Brands: Unity

Unity Logo Multibrands

Safety First Unity Condoms are designed with extra special non-spermicidal lubricant for the most intimate experience with quality and strength. Unity high quality condoms are organically shaped for ease and comfort. Created with the finest quality rubber latex Non Spermicidal lubricant Organically shaped Teat-ended Available in 3 pack and 12 pack Compliant with the latest […]

Meet the Brands: Power Edge

Power Edge Logo Multibrands

Advanced Blade Technology Discover smooth skin and superior comfort shaving. All Power Edge razors feature a moisturising strip and a pivoting head to follow the contours of your face for maximum contact with your skin and a perfect result. A non-SLIP handle ensures maximum control. Power Edge are available as disposable and replaceable cartridge head […]

Meet the Brands: Supacell

Supacell Logo Multibrands

The Next Generation High Power Alkaline Batteries   Supacell Digital batteries are developed using the latest advanced technology, providing up to 10 times longer lasting power than ordinary Zinc batteries. Supacell Digital, independently tested and proven to consistently outperform other brands in high drain devices. With alkaline batteries the battery cap and the battery body are […]

Meet the Brands: Lipice

Lipice Logo Multibrands

For Healthy and Natural Lips NEW LIPICE ORIGINAL contains an advanced nutrient rich formula, designed with nature`s best to provide your lips with care and protection keeping them soft and moist. Lysine Amino Acid for skin repair and regeneration Soothing Aloe Vera, a natural plant extract Grapeseed for natural moisturisation and vitality Natural Cocoa & […]

Meet the Brands: Duraplast

Duraplast Logo Multibrands

IDEAL FOR THOSE MINI EMERGENCIES IN LIFE! Duraplast Plasters are manufactured to the highest standards using clinical grade materials. Each plaster is hygienically wrapped during manufacture to lock out any contamination and retain its sterile property. A hypoallergenic adhesive is used to reduce any risk of irritation to the surrounding skin and the breathable membrane […]

Meet the Brands: Active Pro

Active Pro Logo Multibrands

Intense Energy New Active Pro is a mixed fruit flavour drink with just the right amount of Taurine, Caffeine, and Vitamin B. Ingredients & Contents Caffeine Caffeine is a bitter, white crystalline xanthine alkaloid that acts as a stimulant drug and a reversible acetylcholinesterase inhibitor. Caffeine is found in varying quantities in the seeds, leaves, […]