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Embracing Normality – How Covid 19 Restrictions will Come to an End.

For the past 18 months, the world has been living with the fallout of a global pandemic. After almost two years, the UK is getting ready to embrace normality as all Covid 19 restrictions relax. We know you are probably bored with the ‘C’ word, so we will try to keep it brief. Here are […]

Is the end to UK Covid-19 restrictions in sight?

It looks the UK Covid-19 restrictions are here to stay, at least for another month. Last night, the UK government announced that our current ‘roadmap’ to freedom is being delayed, but when will restrictions be lifted? Last night, the government announced that the current UK Covid-19 restrictions will not be eased until July 19th. This […]

How many variants of Covid-19 are there? Should we be worried?

As with any flu virus, Covid-19 is continually mutating, but just how many variants of Covid-19 are there? In recent weeks, certain parts of the UK have seen a surge in cases. The current infection rate in the UK stands at 4,522,476* which is almost 50% higher than in May when restrictions were eased sparking […]

Rapid Fire Supplies wins Growth Business of the Year!

As reported on, we are proud to share this article of the winners of the Growth Business of the Year Award: Craig Eddy and Nikki Little of Rapid Fire Supplies, Bristol. We have been supplying them our full Panodyne range of PPE products, including hand sanitisers and Covid-19 rapid tests kits. Bristol business Rapid […]

NEW! Panodyne S-400 Fingertip Oximeter for monitoring Covid-19 patients

Panodyne Oximeter S-400 Multibrands

Multibrands is proud to introduce the CE-NB certified Panodyne S-400 Fingertip Pulse Oximeter for monitoring COVID-19 patients’ health data and other illnesses. The S-400 Oximeter is a pulse, blood oxygen and perfusion index monitor. It is fast, accurate, portable and features 8 hours of data recording.The CE Certified Panodyne S-400 Oximeter is the leading choice […]

NEW! Introducing the post-immunisation Panodyne Covid-19 Neutralising Antibody Test Kit

Panodyne Neutralising Antibody Test Kit Multibrands

With the vaccine roll-out well under way across the nation, Multibrands is proud to introduce the Panodyne COVID-19 Neutralising Antibody Test Kit for effective evaluation of the body’s immune response to the Covid-19 vaccine. Hence, this kit is recommended as a post-vaccine immunisation test to help assess the body’s immunity and effectiveness of the vaccine by […]

How does Covid-19 Antigen, Antibody and Nucleic acid detection work?

Panodyne Covid-19 Detection Science Image Multibrands

The COVID-19 is an RNA virus with acute respiratory tract infection. It is spherical in shape, with crowned spikes on the surface, ribonucleic acid strand (RNA) inside, and a shell composed of multiple proteins on the outside. At present, three technologies are mainly used to diagnose whether they are infected by the COVID-19, Nucleic Acid […]

NEW! Introducing our non-invasive Covid-19 Saliva Test Kit

Panodyne Covid-19 Saliva Test Kit Banner Multibrands

Multibrands is proud to introduce the Panodyne Covid-19 Antigen Saliva Test Kit for the early detection of SARS-Cov-2 virus in various settings. User-friendly and non-invasive, its saliva specimen collection method is more comfortable to use for vulnerable people and those with mental or physical impairment. It minimises discomfort as all you have to do is spit into a sample collection pouch, which is far more comfortable and easier to use for […]

4 Tips to Keep Your Business Culture Alive During the Pandemic

Multibrands Blog - 4 Tips to Keep Your Business Culture Alive During the Pandemic 5

Since new lockdown measures were imposed a few weeks ago, a great number of people have been working remotely again. Whilst some may relish the opportunity to work from home, some employees may feel isolated, insecure and demotivated. Hence, we have listed 4 tried and tested methods for boosting staff morale during these difficult times to help employers retain the business culture they have […]

NEW! COVID-19 & Flu Virus Antigen Test Kit available now

Panodyne Antigen Rapid Test Kit Banner Multibrands

With COVID-19 infection rates still rising in the UK and worldwide, Multibrands joins the common effort to stem the spread of the virus and is proud to introduce its unique Panodyne COVID-19 & FLU A/B Antigen Test Kit. This combined antigen test gives accurate results within 15 minutes, with up to 98% accuracy and help […]