Could Mouthwash be the answer to curbing Covid?

Multibrands Blog - Could Mouthwash be the answer to curbing Covid?

This year has been bizarre! Now, in an interesting turn of events, a recent study carried out at Cardiff University suggests your oral hygiene routine could be enough to eliminate traces of the deadly Covid-19 virus. 

If this year has taught us anything, it’s that personal hygiene is key. From hand sanitisers to face coverings, we are really have pulled out all the stops to protect, not just ourselves but those around us. A recent study carried out at Cardiff University has found that mouthwash containing 0.07% cetylpyridinium chloride could kill traces of the Covid-19 virus in saliva. 

Following extensive laboratory research, scientists say preliminary data shows that the Covid-19 virus is eliminated in as little as half a minute when exposed to cetylpyridinium chloride, a bacteria killing antiseptic substance used in most toothpastes, mouthwashes and nasal sprays. 

Of course, more research needs to be carried out to confirm these claims, but for now we’re definitely willing to give it a go, plus there’s no better time to stock up on those family essentials before the holiday season gets in full swing.

Most people tend to reach for mouthwash once per day after brushing, but did you know that mouthwash can actually be used before brushing? 

Mouthwash helps to rinse away any loose bacteria particles on the surface of your teeth and gums and helps to break down the plaque that forms between your teeth. By using mouthwash before you brush your teeth, you are helping to loosen some of that harmful bacteria that a toothbrush can’t always reach. 

For overall oral hygiene for all the family, we recommend Fluorodine. Specially designed to strengthen teeth whilst providing long-lasting protection and freshness, Fluorodine contains cetylpyridinium chloride and is enriched with Fluoride to effectively remove bacteria and stegthen teeth. The advanced anti-plaque system provides unrivalled protection against tartar build-up and gum disease whilst protecting enamel. 

The formula also contains micro cleaning crystals to remove surface stains and reveal a brighter, whiter smile in just 2 weeks (with continued use). 

Fluorodine encompasses an entire range of oral care from toothpastes and mouthwashes to specially designed toothbrushes. No matter what your concern, Fluorodine has got you covered. 

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