Curb the COVID spread as the economy restarts

Although lockdown measures around the world are easing, the Covid-19 pandemic is still very much at large. As restrictions ease, concerns are rising that it could trigger a new, and more deadly wave of the killer virus.  

Countries that had a significant drop in cases during the months of April and May, and subsequently began to relax lockdown measures are now experiencing a sharp rise in daily confirmed cases. In the UK, Leicester became the first region to reintroduce lockdown measures with nine other areas teetering close behind. 

To curb the risk of infection, whilst taking measures to restart our halted economy, the general public is being advised to use PPE equipment, including face coverings when going about their daily lives. 

In Scotland, face coverings will become mandatory in all shops from Friday 10th July, and around the UK, you cannot use public transport, or step foot in a healthcare facility without a face covering. 

Long-term, as lockdown becomes a distant memory and we enter the ‘new normal’ where face masks and PPE equipment become daily essentials, do we run the risk of facing a shortage in equipment?

At the beginning of the pandemic, the sudden surge in demand resulted in a shortage of PPE equipment, particularly within the healthcare sector. Since lockdown began, suppliers have done a stellar job to ensure stock meets demand, in fact, last month the UK announced that over 341 million masks and 1.1 billion gloves had been delivered to NHS and social care staff up and down the country.

As we tentatively edge our way out of lockdown to reopen a faltering economy, it is important to remember that this pandemic is far from over and there is still a high risk of infection. To avoid a deadly second wave and potentially another lockdown, we must all be vigilant and considerate when it comes to PPE equipment and hygiene practices. 

Whether we’re going to work or simply going to the local shop, we all need to make a conscious effort to wear protective equipment, including face coverings, gloves and visors (particularly for those working in the hospitality sector) to protect not only ourselves, but our customers, staff and of course our loved ones. 

Most public places, including supermarkets, have set up free designated sanitization stations. These stations allow us to clean and disinfect our shopping trollies/ baskets and also our hands before we begin shopping and before we leave. 

Besides PPE and sanitation, we should remain sensible and smart. Observe social distancing where possible, avoid crowded places, and stay home as much as possible.

Remember, we are not out of the woods yet. The number of confirmed cases is still on the rise, and unfortunately, so is the death toll. The more we can all do in our daily lives to stay safe, the more we can curb the spread and avoid a second, more deadly spike of Covid-19. 

Clearly, there is going to be a long-term demand for PPE equipment, not just for the general public, but also for use within all business establishments. For UK stock of all your daily Panodyne PPE needs, including Type IIR face masks, face visors and gloves, look no further than Multibrands. We have stock available for fast delivery at prices you won’t beat. Contact our sales team today for more information.

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