Meet the Brands: EasyLite

Safety First and Second.

With a view to creating a stylish design of lighter, we have developed EASYLITE® with an attractive translucent body.

Creatively inspired products are our focus. We excel in meeting the high standards our customers require by providing products that are stylish, trendy, versatile, reliable and safe.

EASYLITE® is available in a variety of bright and vibrant coloured clear bodied lighters and has the advantage of its unique CHILD SAFETY mechanism.

Fully guaranteed for quality and safety. EASYLITE® is manufactured to BS EN ISO 9994-2006 65oC and conforms to World Safety Standard ISO CR-13869.

EASYLITE® the highest quality, value for money disposable lighter on the market.

The lighter has been designed in order that it will not function when in the hands of a child.

Press 2-Flick

The roller will spin around easily, but it will only ignite the lighter when, in two separate actions, pressure is applied to the roller, which clicks down, and then the gas release button is pressed.

  • Straightforward use and durability
  • No compromise on quality
  • Built to the highest technical specification
  • Compliant with the latest British and EU safety regulations (ISO-9994 2006) & (ISO CR-13869)
  • New Press 2-Flick™ Child Safety Lock
  • Available in vibrant, trendy colours
  • Excellent profit margin

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