Meet the Brands: Fluorodine

Talk Less, Smile more.

Fluorodine is an advanced oral care range that was specially designed to strengthen teeth and fight decay. ​ Created with the latest innovations in the industry, Fluorodine offers complete care & special options meant to fit every need.​ Since its launch in 2005, Fluorodine established itself as a trusted brand that brings together high quality and great prices. This is why it is now the brand of choice for millions of consumers around the globe.


Long lasting protection

  • Fluorodine ACTIVE FRESH toothpaste contains a special anti-plaque formula with microcleaning crystals to gently reveal the natural whiteness of your teeth and reduce tartar build up.
  • The microcleaning crystals enhance the cleaning effect to provide a deep fresh cleansing experience.
  • Kind to your gums and enriched with calcium and fluoride, Fluorodine Active Fresh toothpaste helps to strengthen enamel, fights cavities and reduces decay.


  • Rinsing with Fluorodine ACTIVE FRESH alcohol free mouthwash helps neutralise bad breath. The active ingredient Zinc Chloride reduces the growth of dental plaque and bacteria.
  • Eucalyptol is a pleasantly flavoured ingredient which fights plaque and lessens tooth decay.
  • Menthol lends it a cool minty taste.


  • ULTRA ACTIVE CLEAN offers you maximum cleansing by adjusting to the contours of your teeth.
  • The inner bristles reach deep between your teeth when brushing to remove trapped decay causing particles while the outer bristles gently massage and clean your gums.
  • Helps control the amount of pressure applied to your teeth and gums while brushing.
  • Gently removes stains for brighter whiter teeth.
  • In neat tamper-proof single and twin packs.

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