Meet the Brands: Power Edge

Advanced Blade Technology

Discover smooth skin and superior comfort shaving. All Power Edge razors feature a moisturising strip and a pivoting head to follow the contours of your face for maximum contact with your skin and a perfect result. A non-SLIP handle ensures maximum control. Power Edge are available as disposable and replaceable cartridge head razors.

Precision 2 blade systems with Nitrogen treated and PTFE coated blades. Swivel head keeps the blades flat, in precise contact with the contours of your face.
2 Blade systems
PTFE Coated and Nitrogen Treated
*PTFE is a non-stick anti-friction coating. Power Edge blades are made in a Nitrogen atmosphere, reducing oxidation for a higher quality edge.

Easy Glide Lubricating Strip

Lubricated Aloe Vera & Vitamin E moisturising strip glides Power Edge razors across your skin for perfect shaving.

Aloe Vera & Vitamin E


Easy Grip Handle

Sturdy lightweight handle, ergonomically designed with anti-slip, textured and contoured surface for a sure grip and fine control.

Razor Handle

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