Meet the Brands: Spark

Refillable and Childsafe

We focus on creatively inspired products that excel in the high standards we bring to our customers by
providing products that are stylish, trendy, versatile, reliable and safe.

With a view to creating a stylish design for an electronic lighter, we have developed SPARK electronic with an attractive aerodynamically shaped body and sculptured cap.

SPARK is available in a variety of bright and vibrant colours with a clear or solid body. Lighters are also available with unique LED light feature. All have a CHILD SAFETY mechanism as standard.


Spark is now available in 3 distinct stylish, technologically advanced lighters with electronic ignition and stylish aerodynamic and funky casings.

A built in safety mechanism provides protection against accidental lighting and protection from accidental use by young children.

Spark lighters are designed to meet the world’s most stringent safety regulations including ISO-9994 and ISO CR-13869.


SPARK was one of the first cigarette lighters with the “Child Resistant Feature” to enter the UK and EU marketplace. It is obvious from past evidence that it is a worthwhile process to invest in, and safeguard the lives of both children and adults alike.

WARNING – Always ensure you do not leave the lighter exposed to extreme heat conditions or left lying around minors, despite the child safe cap adults must use better judgment in ensuring safety AT ALL TIMES.

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