Meet the Brands: Supacell LED

Bright Beginnings

In June 2014, Imran Hussain purchased Royds Hall, an 800 years old manor, thus setting the steps for a new Multibrands venture. When faced with replacing all the old incandescent light bulbs with LED ones in the manor, Imran soon realises that most brands on the market are either too cheap and low end, or far too expensive.

When this added up to the far too complicated packaging, which made it difficult to choose the right cap and shape needs, Imran had his own light bulb moment. Originating from the lamps and lighting industry, he starts researching in order to develop a new LED light bulbs brand that would meet the consumers’ actual needs. Therefore, in late 2015, Multibrands launches Supacell LED, their own complete range of LED light bulbs.

Supacell LED started out as a concept – a top performing LED light bulb that will change standards in the lighting industry as we know them.

We implemented this by using only the latest technology on the market – this allowed us to develop premium products that provide the best quality light and an extended life.

The A+Smart LED technology ensures that the light bulbs come with a 3 year guarantee and +30K hours of life. With an average use of 3-4 hours per day, that means 25 years!

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