Meet the Brands: Supacell

The Next Generation High Power Alkaline Batteries


Supacell Digital batteries are developed using the latest advanced technology, providing up to 10 times longer lasting power than ordinary Zinc batteries.

Supacell Digital, independently tested and proven to consistently outperform other brands in high drain devices.

  • With alkaline batteries the battery cap and the battery body are made of zinc metal. These components are plated with nickel metal (Ni).
  • The metal rod is welded to the battery cap.
  • A carbon ring is inserted into the top of the battery body.
  • There is an insulating material (normally PTFE, commonly called nylon) that separates the battery cap (anode) from the battery body (cathode).
  • The paper Shroud surrounds the metal rod. This paper shroud absorbs the alkaline electrolyte during production.
  • The chemical added to the battery is Manganese oxide. There must be no contact between the “anode” and “cathode” in the battery unit. The electrolyte comprises an alkaline material.

All of our batteries are cadmium, mercury and lead free. Alkaline batteries are capable of a greater power output than carbon zinc batteries.

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