NEW! COVID-19 & Flu Virus Antigen Test Kit available now

Panodyne Antigen Rapid Test Kit Banner Multibrands

With COVID-19 infection rates still rising in the UK and worldwide, Multibrands joins the common effort to stem the spread of the virus and is proud to introduce its unique Panodyne COVID-19 & FLU A/B Antigen Test Kit. This combined antigen test gives accurate results within 15 minutes, with up to 98% accuracy and help with early detection of both COVID-19 and the Influenza virus this winter.

Available for immediate dispatch, this new test is particularly suitable for care homes and nursing homes, as well as members of the population vulnerable to the Influenza virus during the winter months every year. The rapid antigen tests allow for early detection before symptoms become too severe, which not only provide peace of mind, but also help trigger early treatment and therefore potentially save lives.

Multibrands International Ltd already supplies a growing number of private businesses, care homes and healthcare facilities with its Panodyne Covid SARS-CoV-2 Rapid Antigen Test Kit alongside its Panodyne Rapid Antibody test kit, which helps assess the body’s immune response to the virus by detecting the presence of antibodies after the infection has gone.

With the Government’s plan to roll-out LTF rapid testing to schools and secondary schools so they can re-open safely after lockdown, the Panodyne range of rapid Covid-19 tests can help make the numbers.

The company has also registered interest from local councils who feel that essential workers such as bin collectors, cleaners and other service providers who are working throughout the pandemic, need rapid testing to carry on safely.

Equally, food stores and supermarkets along with a lot of businesses, large and small are still operating during lockdown such as Royal Mail, banks, UK manufacturing, construction and engineering industry, as well as domestic and international transport & logistics.

Hence, rapid test kits such as the Panodyne Covid-19 Antigen test kit or indeed the new combined Covid-19 & Flu virus test kit is a vital screening tool for businesses and schools that have to remain open during and beyond lockdown.

There’s no doubt that early detection through rapid testing will help keep staff, students and customers safe until the vaccine is rolled-out to the rest of the population.

All Multibrands Covid-19 test kits are CE certified and approved for use by healthcare professionals and trained staff.

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