NEW! Panodyne S-400 Fingertip Oximeter for monitoring Covid-19 patients

Panodyne Oximeter S-400 Multibrands

Multibrands is proud to introduce the CE-NB certified Panodyne S-400 Fingertip Pulse Oximeter for monitoring COVID-19 patients’ health data and other illnesses. The S-400 Oximeter is a pulse, blood oxygen and perfusion index monitor.

It is fast, accurate, portable and features 8 hours of data recording.The CE Certified Panodyne S-400 Oximeter is the leading choice for hospitals worldwide when it comes to monitoring COVID-19 patient’s health data on wards or at home.

It is the choice of leading hospitals worldwide and during the pandemic, it has become a vital data monitoring device to help clinicians monitor Covid-19 patients’ oxygen levels, pulse rate and perfusion index.

The Panodyne S-400 fingertip oximeter can measure oxygen levels (SpO2), perfusion index (PI) and pulse wave (PR) accurately and features a user-friendly:

• SpO2, PR, PI pulse wave, bar graph display

• Battery life indicator

• Colour OLED display

• Auto screen rotation

• Three language settings: English, Spanish and Portuguese

• Low power consumption, shuts down automatically when not in use

• Small volume, light, convenient to carry

• 6 hours continuous operation

• 8 hours sleep monitoring and recording system.

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