Our £12m investment to fight Covid-19 head-on.

The Covid-19 pandemic has completely re-written 2020, and potentially changed the way we live our lives forever. 

Back in December 2019, when the outbreak began in China, we never could have predicted that this virus would spread so quickly, take lives, and result in a complete global lockdown.

Fast-forward three months, the Covid-19 virus was officially declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO), and the UK entered lockdown.

Since the outbreak began in China, we ramped up the production of our Panodyne personal protection range to support the unforeseen demand, and ultimately support all those in need. 

Altogether, we have invested over £12M into the Panodyne Range to expand the Panodyne range, support the demand, and provide much-needed support for those on the frontline. 

During the lockdown, our teams were busier than ever ensuring that our Panodyne range was in constant supply to those on the frontline, not just in the UK but also across the globe. 

As the world tentatively takes its first steps out of lockdown, it has become very clear that life may never be the same again in the wake of the ‘new normal.’ Personal protective and hygiene equipment, including hand sanitizer and face masks, have become everyday essentials.

Earlier this week, the UK government followed Scotland’s lead making face coverings mandatory in shops and supermarkets from Friday 24 July. Failure to wear a mask could land you with a hefty, £100 fine. Ouch!

Until now, face coverings have only been advised in public spaces where social distancing can be tricky. It’s only on public transport that face masks have been made compulsory. Children under the age of 11, and those with certain disabilities will be exempt from wearing face coverings.

Since we launched the Panodyne range back in 2006, it has become a trusted UK supplier of high-quality personal protective equipment and can be found in leading wholesalers like Bookers. The range includes fully certified, medical-grade Type I and Type II R facemasks that are fully tested to the highest European standards, including EN14683.

The Panodyne range also includes protective gloves, hand sanitizer, and non-contact thermometers for both daily and professional use. 

For more information on Panodyne and for large quantity orders, contact our sales team today. 

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