Smart – Curtain



  • Intelligent curtain motor suitable for use in most homes.
  • Manual opration: When the power is on, the curtain can be pulled by hand for approximately 10 cm. Then the curtain will open or close automatically
  • Manual opration without power: With the power switched off the curtain can be opened and closed by hand.
  • Obstacle slop funtion: The motor will stop when a moving curtain meets an obstruction, in order to protect the system.
  • Intermediate position: The motor can be stopped in an intermediate position so you can place a curtain anywhere between the closed and open positions.
  • Automatic position memory: The motor can remember its closed and open positions once the user has made the initial setting.
  • Flexible multi-control: Users can choose from several control methods, such as WiFi emitters or conventional switches.
  • Easy assembling: Suitable for competent DIY installation with various track components available to enable custom designs and allow for different track lengths.
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