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Is the end to UK Covid-19 restrictions in sight?

It looks the UK Covid-19 restrictions are here to stay, at least for another month. Last night, the UK government announced that our current ‘roadmap’ to freedom is being delayed, but when will restrictions be lifted? Last night, the government announced that the current UK Covid-19 restrictions will not be eased until July 19th. This […]

How many variants of Covid-19 are there? Should we be worried?

As with any flu virus, Covid-19 is continually mutating, but just how many variants of Covid-19 are there? In recent weeks, certain parts of the UK have seen a surge in cases. The current infection rate in the UK stands at 4,522,476* which is almost 50% higher than in May when restrictions were eased sparking […]

How does Covid-19 Antigen, Antibody and Nucleic acid detection work?

Panodyne Covid-19 Detection Science Image Multibrands

The COVID-19 is an RNA virus with acute respiratory tract infection. It is spherical in shape, with crowned spikes on the surface, ribonucleic acid strand (RNA) inside, and a shell composed of multiple proteins on the outside. At present, three technologies are mainly used to diagnose whether they are infected by the COVID-19, Nucleic Acid […]

Tips to Surviving Lockdown 2.0

Multibrands Blog - Tips to Surviving Lockdown 2.0

To say this year has been scary and strange would be an understatement. The Covid-19 pandemic has brought the world to its knees, and just as we started to embrace the ‘new normal’ and try to return to some form of normality, we get plunged right back into lockdown.   Here are our top tips for […]

5 Tips to a Successful Business

Multibrands Blog - 5 Tips to a Successful Business

When it comes to becoming an entrepreneur, the only limit is yourself. You do not necessarily need a degree, endless amounts of cash, or even business experience; all you need is ambition, drive, and a plan.  In this blog, our Sales Director and Co-Founder, Rizwana Hussain shares her top 5 tips to succeed in business.  […]

Lighting VS Productivity

Multibrands Blog - Lighting VS Productivity

Here in the UK, sunset is arriving noticeably earlier as we head into the cold winter months. Soon, we’ll be huddled up at home with the fire on, rather than cooped up because of a global pandemic. Thanks to Covid-19, many of us are working from home by day and trying to shift into relaxation […]

Panodyne LDPE Aprons have landed!

Panodyne - LDPE Aprons Multibrands

Have you heard the news? Our new Panodyne LDPE aprons have landed in our UK warehouse and are ready for immediate dispatch. Manufactured from the finest quality materials, our protection aprons are 100% waterproof and fully resistant to chemical corrosion. Ideal for medical, food preparation, and personal use, these aprons provide complete protection from neck to the […]

The Panodyne Range is growing

Panodyne Antibacterial Wipes Multibrands

Whilst much of the world is starting to bounce back from the Covid-19 lockdown and return to a ‘new normal’, it is important to remember that the virus hasn’t gone away. With 700,000* deaths worldwide and daily cases still on the rise, sanitation standards have hit an all-time high. Welcome to the age in which […]

Our Covid-19 test kits approved for health professionals’ use

Multibrands Blog - Our Covid-19 test kits approved for health professionals’ use

Our Covid-19 rapid anti-body test kit has gained coveted EU and UK regulatory approval for a rapid test kit that shows whether patients and those in social care settings have had Covid-19 Coronavirus – even if they did not develop obvious symptoms at the time. The point of care test, which is only for use […]

Our £12m investment to fight Covid-19 head-on.

Multibrands Blog - Our £12m investment to fight Covid-19 head-on 2

The Covid-19 pandemic has completely re-written 2020, and potentially changed the way we live our lives forever.  Back in December 2019, when the outbreak began in China, we never could have predicted that this virus would spread so quickly, take lives, and result in a complete global lockdown. Fast-forward three months, the Covid-19 virus was […]