Your guide to Covid-19 face masks.

Alongside the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918, Covid-19 is one of the biggest medical scares in recent history with a death toll topping 524,000 worldwide*.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), people can carry and transmit the Covid-19 virus to others while showing absolutely no symptoms. It has been suggested that 40-80% of transmission originates from those carrying the virus without knowing it.

As lockdown begins to ease, we are finally venturing outdoors and bracing ourselves for a ‘new normal.’

In America, which is currently one of the worlds Covid-19 hotspots, the Centre for Disease Control and Infection (CDC) has advised the population to don facial coverings in public settings to avoid passing on germs. Here in the UK, it became compulsory to wear a facemask on public transport as of June 15th.

You’d be forgiven if you find yourself utterly bamboozled by the different types of masks and their benefits. To save you time, here we will explain the key differences between the three main face masks. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Surgical Masks

A surgical mask is a form of personal protective equipment (PPE) that fits loosely to cover the nose and mouth. Pre Covid-19, these masks were typically used by healthcare professionals in medical environments. 

Surgical masks protect others against your cough and sneeze droplets, but they are not designed to protect you from smaller airborne bacteria.

With society slowly opening, many businesses are looking to return to work. From July 4th pubs, cinemas, and hair salons in the UK will be allowed to open for the first time since lockdown – happy 4th July! 

Surgical masks are the ideal choice for the workplace, not only to protect your staff, but also to protect your customers and help ease that post-COVID anxiety.

It is important to remember though, these disposable masks are intended for short single-use only. Long-term use could lead to contamination. You should also not share these masks with anybody else.

Respirators (Protection standards N95 or FFP2)

Seal-tested respirator masks are designed to fit snug and securely around your nose and mouth.

Made from tangled fibres that act as a filter for airborne particles, respirator face masks provide you protection against both liquid droplets and airborne virus particles.

Whilst these face masks provide maximum security, you should note that these masks are in critical supply and should only be used by healthcare professionals within medical facilities.

Cloth Face Coverings 

Cloth face coverings are perfect for home and personal use. Using very basic materials, these provide very basic protection and can be a fun, crafty activity for you and the kids during lockdown.

Research suggests that fabrics made from a combination of different materials are the most effective at protecting you, but as long as your chosen fabric is tightly woven, it should work fine, but it is important to remember that the level protection provided is not as high as a surgical or respirator masks.

Here at Multibrands as ever, we’ve got you covered! We have a range of European Standard approved Panodyne  Covid-19 facial protection masks, including surgical grade and respirator masks that guarantee high-level protection.

All our masks are specifically designed with super-soft materials and wide ear bands to provide the wearer with long-lasting comfort. 

If you require a large quantity of anything from our Panodyne range, please contact our sales team today on to find out more. With lockdown easing, demand is increasing, so act fast to avoid disappointment. 

*Worldwide death toll source current as of 03/07/20.

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